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A big colorful bunch of foreign and German guests at your party? Bilingual ceremonies are the solution!

You wish to have a welcome ceremony for your new-born child? Or do you intend to marry in a manner free of conventions? 

I will be able and happy to make a wonderful day for you and your beloved people. No matter whether you wish a romantic, glamorous style or something more down-to-earth, we can make it.

Due to bilingual content, some speeches may be overly burdened. Consequently, the audience is lost.

It is a narrow ridge hike to conduct such a ceremony without neglecting either the German or the foreign guests. Nevertheless it is feasible.

For your reference: I have a degree in foreign language correspondence with educational achievement in interpreting. Moreover, English is a language, which I do not only use mainly at work but even more often in private life. Therefore, I am absolutely confident when it comes to holding free speeches in English.

For general questions regarding the course of preparations or the course of such events, please also do not hesitate to contact me at any time.